A cost-effective method to recover CONSTRUCTION debts

You've worked hard for the money

You deserve to get paid

RECOVERIT is a cost-effective method to recover your debts using tools available under the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Construction debts between $1,000 and $50,000 are now economic to pursue.

Gibson Sheat Lawyers team of specialist construction lawyers, led by Finn Collins, has created the RECOVERIT process specifically for tradies to make it easy and cost-effective for them to recover outstanding debts.

It's your money - RECOVERIT!

You deserve to get paid

There is now an easier and faster way to get your construction debt paid.

Debts between $1,000 and $50,000 are now economic to pursue because we defer our fees and on-charge them to the debtor – meaning you don’t pay the legal costs of disputes.

Just about any contractor in the construction industry is eligible to use the payment regime created by the Construction Contracts Act. This Act applies to every job you do no matter the size. The Act covers everything from earthworks to painting and all trades in between.

We’ve recovered more than 95% of the debts we’ve helped with. Our team has extensive experience, and robust, proven processes. Finn Collins, who heads the RECOVERIT team, has more than 18 years experience recovering outstanding construction debts. You’ll struggle to find someone who knows more about construction debt than us.

A 3-step process to get your debts paid

If there was ever a magic bullet for getting your debts paid – this is it!

Payment can be recovered irrespective of any dispute, as there is a ‘pay now, argue later’ regime under the Act. The Act was designed for tradies like you, to ensure you get paid.

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“We have used this service to recover bad debts and it is an absolute godsend to contractors. The RECOVERIT team knows every trick of the trade around the Construction Contracts legislation.”

Wayne Scott, NZ Ceilings Limited, Wellington


Even Small Debts Can Be Recovered