RECOVERIT - because it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to get paid!


RECOVERIT is a division of Gibson Sheat Lawyers, a well-respected Wellington regional law firm.

RECOVERIT is a process for construction trade businesses to cost-effectively recover money they are owed. Even debts as small as $1,000 are now economical to recover!

The system and its tools were designed by Finn Collins, a solicitor and expert in construction law.
Our RECOVERIT team comprises specialist debt recovery lawyers lead by construction law expert Finn Collins.

When you use the RECOVERIT process it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to collect the money you’re owed!
Implement our templates and we’ll do the rest.
It's your money - RECOVERIT!
Finn Collins
Partner - Construction Debt Recovery Specialist

Hi, my name is Finn Collins. I’ve worked in construction law for many years in the New Zealand and the UK. I have represented tradies in thousands of disputes. Whilst I’ve had plenty of experience in the courts, we aim to avoid this - and still get the results that our clients want.

Too many tradies write off debts between $1,000 and $50,000. There is a perception that disputed debts are too complex and expensive to recover.

When the Construction Contracts Act 2002 came into force in New Zealand, I spotted an opportunity to help construction trade businesses to get what is owed to them.

Using my construction law experience, and the measures available under that legislation, I set up a system that enables tradies to collect their debts in a very cost-effective way. Thus RECOVERIT was born.

Since its inception RECOVERIT has become a popular tool for many businesses, whether sole traders, or larger companies.
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Even Small Debts Can Be Recovered